I hand-picked all of the black agate out of our Big Agate Filled Box and it took approximately TEN YEARS

on the other hand now we can make custom-colored agate rings

and custom-colored



we are drowning in agate please help

everything is actually done but AceMart will not reopen for awhile because my car is Out of Commission Again

I’ve stopped taking orders and should successfully finish everything by tonight

also two people bought the same ring at the same time and it was THE LAST ONE so who do I award the ring to???? maybe I will refund BOTH OF THEM and then have them battle to the death for it

update: we forgot to close the store because that’s how bad we are at communicating

on the bright side, 90% of the things we needed to do are done and everything that is “stuck” will be rescued from the Transit Station and “unstuck” at around 10am tomorrow

then there are like three other things we have to do and it should be clear sailing from here on out due to TEAMWORK and COMMUNICATION

fingers crossed

an announcement:

there was a miscommunication between me and S, and thus customer service dipped down to the lovely score of -16/10

due to this, the entirety of AceMart, including several Michigan physical locations, will be closed completely 3/23 - 3/29 (or 23/3 - 29/3 if that’s how you like your dates) (I like my dates sweet)

Anonymous asked: question, do you think you'll make hematite rings again? the agate ones really don't look that black, and I want to support you guys because you're awesome, but agate doesn't seem very ace-ring-y :(

actually, that’s not true, but it might look that way because of our TERRIBLE PICTURES. the hematite rings are way more greyish-black than our agate rings, except our agate rings are more often scored with some other color because that’s how agate is and also because we are too cheap to buy just one color of agate.

our hematite dealer turned out to be an illegal person* who also sold guns as well as stones, so we don’t know when or how we’ll get more hematite. we have some left over, but it’s not going to make too many rings.

we’re looking into other materials, mainly lucite, which is a weird polyurethrchemical thing, but ????? who knows.

*I do not mean that they were an illegal immigrant, which is an OK thing to be. I mean that they did illegal things, and was a criminal, which is also an OK thing to be as long as you are not selling me hematite as well.


our panic time being at roughly two weeks, I dutifully checked on all of the packages tracking numbers to find out that they were “stuck” at a Michigan facility

I called up the facility to check what was up

apparently they had never arrived

I called my school which is where I had dropped them off

they were like “we can’t ship things with tracking numbers on them” and I  was like ?????? why

all packages except a few are now back in my possession and they should be shipped AGAIN tomorrow

a couple people might get new tracking numbers


I glassblew (??) a couple things and they should be up for sale eventually

mostly I think they are fantastically ugly so they will probably be bargain bin items since they are not related to anything

Anonymous asked: How long would you say the rings take to ship? I ordered an agate ring, and it said it was shipped a week ago. I really don't mind waiting, but how long should I wait before assuming it got lost in the mail? (I live in California, if that helps.)

Our Panic Time is approximately two weeks, but if you write in with your order # I can check the TRACKING NUMBER, which I forgot to send out and now cannot send out due to vague embarrassment over not sending it in the first place.

[Or, like, I mean, you can check it. I am in fact in possession of numbers which anyone can check. The USPS lets anyone check. It is not an admin power or anything.]


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wow thanks Etsy

everything is still marked ‘not shipped’ despite my best efforts

looks like we’ll have to do this…MANUALLY

ALSO we made a size 10 ring that hasn’t shattered yet so HERE’S HOPING that there will be more???